The SLR Leadership.

The Editorial Board is responsible for the daily administration of the SLR. This includes liaising with universites, organising activities and flagship events, and the physical publication and sale of the Journal. By virtue of its function, members of the Editorial Board are often senior members who have spent at least one year as an SLR editor prior to appointment.

Details of previous Editorial Boards may be found here.

The 38th Singapore Law Review Editorial Board

Chief Editor
Darren Teoh Kang Ren

Deputy Chief Editor (Journal)
Keith Kaixian Wong

Senior Journal Editor
Ng Wei Siang

Junior Executive Editors
Ashleigh Gan Shi-Min
Bay Jia Wei
Darren Ang Jin Wee
Khin Yadanar Oo
Seah Ding Hang

Deputy Chief Editor (Administration)
Sarah Choong Hui Ning

Director of Business Operations
Ong Yuan Zheng Lenon

Events Director
Dinesh Kumar Sukumar

Lee Wei Ting

Publicity & Communications Director
Arjit Pandey