Juris Illuminae Submissions Policy.

Juris Illuminae’s publication offers are all contingent upon authors’ compliance with this submissions policy. Contributions should be submitted in electronic form, in Microsoft Word format, to juris@singaporelawreview.com

Length. As an online publication, we aim to publish work that is concise and readable. All submissions should be kept between 500 and 2000 words long, excluding footnotes.

For submissions that fall below or exceed this bracket, length will be a factor that weighs significantly against acceptance of the manuscript.

Language. All manuscripts should be written in British English.

Citations. All citations should be presented as footnotes, and should comply with the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (Toronto: Carswell), otherwise known as the “McGill Redbook”. We accept either the 7th or 8th Edition.

Format. All submissions should be saved as a Microsoft Word document for ease of editing. The file name should include the author’s name and the title of the manuscript. The title of the manuscript should also appear on the first page.

Data. We strongly recommend submitting datasets with any empirical submissions, and we may request these files before deciding whether to extend an offer of publication. We are able to consider the piece more quickly if the files are provided at the time of submission.

Conflicts of Interest. We require that all conflicts of interest be disclosed at the point of submission. Authors must identify any organisations that provided funding for the research or writing of the manuscript, as well as any personal or family financial interests that might be pertinent. Authors must also disclose their involvement in any litigation that is referenced in or relevant to their manuscript. Such conflicts of interest will be disclosed in the published version of the article. 

Our Submissions Policy is available for download in PDF format here.