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The Singapore Law Review (SLR) is Asia's oldest student-run legal publication, managed exclusively by the students of the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law.

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The 31st Singapore Law Review Lecture SLR

Dr. Michael Hwang, S.C. will discuss the role of the Common Law courts in determining the status of an entity claiming Statehood in the face of Executive silence: the question as to the approach taken is especially critical where the aforesaid entity seeks to invoke State Immunity, a doctrine which can only be relied upon by States.

Dr Hwang, S.C. will situate the discussion of the aforementioned Public International Law issue within the context of litigation arising out of the Singapore Airlines Flight 006 accident at Chiang Kai-shek International Airport (now Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport), and against the Civil Aviation Authority of Taipei, before the courts in Singapore and Canada (Quebec). Notably, Dr Hwang S.C. would be sharing a comparative analysis of the differing legal positions staked out by judges in these two Common Law countries.

Juris Illuminae

Juris Illuminae, the online supplement to our eponymous journal, features succinct and insightful articles penned by our in-house editors, NUS Law students, as well as a number of distinguished guest writers. All past Juris articles may be viewed here.

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