What kind of people is the Review looking for?

Contrary to what you may have thought, we don’t just write (although writing is really more than just). So while we do need writers, we also need editors to figure out the gymnastics of the past continuous tense, to make sure our articles adhere to the rules of citation (oh, sacred Carswell!), and above all, to make sure that each publication is a cogent whole. We also need photographers with a flair for colour and composition and webmasters, who will be tasked with figuring out the mysterious inner workings of our website. Not forgetting the event planners, who will be in charge of the annual Lecture: from the speaker, to the guest list, to the pink fruit punch that somehow manages to find its way into every event, this is a job for the meticulous.

Do I need prior experience to apply?

For positions that are more skill-centric (photographers and webmasters), prior experience will almost certainly be a must. (Don’t be scared off trying though! Passion is important too.) For the other positions, while experience would be a bonus, learning on the job will not be an issue. In fact, that’s how most of us start out.

What is the job distribution like? Will I be able to be involved in two departments simultaneously?

We operate on a rotational ‘core team/ad-hoc team basis’. For example, this means that while Juris Illuminae has a core group of writers whose primary responsibility is to ensure that the pages are filled, these core writers will not have to write every month because our rotational system allows the other members to write as well, if they so wish. This ensures that our member are able to involve themselves in several aspects of the Review, as well as to make sure that the core group is not overly strained.

I have a lot of other commitments. Should I still join the Singapore Law Review?

It really depends on what ‘a lot’ means and how interested you are in joining the Review. While joining us won’t require monumental sacrifices (unless you fly to Africa to save lions every week, have ten children to feed and moonlight as a gym instructor, all on top of school), like every other organization, it does require a little. However, that being said, most of our members are heavily committed to other interests as well and the last we checked, everyone looked quite hale and hearty. We try as far as possible to ensure that the workload is shared equally although it can get hectic nearer deadlines, especially if you are in the core team. Nonetheless, if you have the interest and the passion, we still say go for it. After all, nothing a little time management can’t solve.

How many people will be recruited per year?

Although we don’t intend to abide strictly by quotas, 10-15 is a pretty good gauge.