Article Title

An Interview with the Honourable Justice of Appeal M Karthigesu

Mr Young Cheng Wah - A Personal Appreciation, Andrew Phang Boon Leong

The Secular Trumps the Sacred: Constitutional Issues Arising From Colin Chan v Public Prosecutor, Thio Li-Ann

The Constitution as "Comforter"? - An Assessment of the Safeguards in Singapore's Constitutional System, Tan Seow Hon

Rediscovering the Constitution, Jack Lee Tsen-Ta

Tribunal's Findings on the Powers of the Elected President, Gary Leonard Low, Chia Jin Chong Daniel

Equal Protection and Sexual Orientation, Jack Lee Tsen-Ta

The Exclusion of Foreign Law: Public Policy in of Law Process, Wan Wai Yee

The Criminal Appellate System in Singapore, Bhaskaran s/o Sivasamy

To Treat or Not to Treat: Autonomy, Beneficence and the Sanctity of Life?, John Keown

Provocation in Singapore: The Reasonable Person Test and the Proportionality Requirement, Ng Chee Wan & Chie Hse Yu

The Ninth Singapore Law Review Lecture: Standard of Proof Relating to Sufficiency of Evidence at Criminal Trials: Mental Gymnastics since Haw Tua Tau, The Honourable Justice MPH Rubin


Article Title

An Interview with Dr David Marshall

A Tribute to the Late Mr Justice F A Chua

An Appeal to Use the Rod Sparingly: A Dispassionate Analysis of the Use of Caning in Singapore, Mark Lim Fung Chian

Illegally Obtained Evidence and the Concept of Abuse of Process: A Possible Reconciliation?, Edwin Tong Chun Fai

Reforming Competence and Compellability, Tan Yock Lin

A Place for the Privileged Will, Jack Lee Tsen-Ta

Violence in the Family, Debbie Ong Siew Ling

AIDS and the Law, Elaine Lee & Lee Woon Shiu & Margaret Law Yuh Tyng

The Basic Features Doctrine and the Elected President Act, Ravneet Kaur

Protection of Human Rights of Indigenous Australians, K Puri

Recent Changes to the Westminster System of Government and Government Accountability, Wan Wai Yee

The Singapore Position on Nervous Shock: Pang Koi Fa v Lim Djoe Phing, Edmund J Kronenburg

The Eighth Singapore Law Review Lecture: Division of Property and Maintenance Post-Divorce - Current Legal Issues, The Honourable Judicial Commissioner Mrs Judith Prakash


Article Title

An Interview with the Honourable Attorney-General, Mr Chan Sek Keong

Ten Years of the Singapore Law Review: Reflections of a Past Chief Editor, Kevin Tan Yew Lee

Corrective Work Orders, Teo Liyin

Jurisdiction Over Companies - Time for a Rethink, Tay Peng Cheng

Direction in the Law of Corroboration, Tan Yock Lin

Issues in the Transfer of Risk in CIF Contracts, Aedit Abdullah

International Trends in Documentary Credit Transactions, Ch'ng Huck Yong

The Law of Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitration Awards in Singapore, Gwendolyn Gn Jong Yuh

Utility, Rights, and Relativity: A Preliminary Look at Lawyers in Hard Cases, Andrew Phang Boon Leong

Developments in Genetics: How Will the Law Cope?, Tan Ken Hwee

Civil Jurisdiction in the Military Courts: An Unnecessary Overlap? An Evaluation of Section 112 of the Singapore Armed Forces Act, Edmund Kronenburg & Eric Lie & Cosmas Wong

Forfeiture of Drug Trafficking Benefits: Need for a Viable International Legal Regime, L Rao Penna

What Can We Expect from the "Expected Ready to Arrive" Clause, Chan Leng Sun

Changes in the Supreme Court of Singapore, Daphne Chang & Teo Liyin


Article Title

In Conversation With The Honourable Judicial Commissioner Lai Sin Chin

Constitutional Implications of the 1991 Singapore General Elections, Kevin Tan Yew Lee

Judiciary Under Siege?, Tham Chee Ho

Clarity or Controversy - The Meaning of Judicial Independence in Singapore and Malaysia, Yeong Sien Seu

The Need for a Second Chamber, Andrew Mak Yen Chen

Privatisation: Changes and Constrains, Gary Chan

A Tribute to Dr. Bashir Ahmad Mallal, Lee Yean Yean & Mirza Khaleel Namazie

Delayed Applications for Stay of Proceedings in Shipping Cases, Robert Margolis

Nature and Effect of Estate Duty as a Tax, Assoc Prof N. Khublall

Late Shipments, Forged Documents and Falling Markets: James Finlay v Kwik Hoo Tong Revisited, Eric Chan

Counting the Costs of Foreign-Sino Joint Ventures, Jerry Koh

Singapore Law Review Lecture 1992 - The Earth Summit's Negotiating Process: Some Reflections on the Art and Science of Negotiation, Prof Tommy Koh


Article Title

In Conversation With The Honourable Chief Justice Mr. Yong Pung How

International Electronic Fund Transfers, Naina Parwani

Strangers to a Breach of Trust: Eagle Trust PLC v SBC Securities, Hans Tjio

Japanese and Western Attitudes Towards Law, Chung Wei Han

Choice of Law Rules Governing Capacity to Marry: A Critique in the Singapore Context, Anjali Mohan Ramchand

Australian Judicial Rulings on Singapore's Homicide Provisions, Stanley Yeo

Stephen's Hearsay - Does It Matter?, Tan Yock Lin

The Marriage of Morals and Law: A Not Too Gay and Cheerful Story, Douglas Choo

Moral Populism v Paternalism: A Legislator's Dilemma, Sheela Moorthy

Natural Law and Natural Rights: Has Finnis Got His Basics Right?, Yee Chee Wai

Accountability and Review Processes in Modern Public Administration: The Role of Tribunals, Dr. T K K Iyer

Selected Issues in the Freedom of Speech and Expression in Singapore, Michael Hor Collin Seah

Justices' Law Clerks in the Supreme Court of Singapore, Bernard Tan

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in International Antitrust, Harpreet Singh


Article Title

The Gillick Case: A Giant Step for Little People, Anjali Mohan Ramchand & Chung Wei Han & Janice Ngeow Yuen Lian

Legal Aspects of Computer Viruses, Jeffrey Chan Wah Teck

The Concept of Relevance: In the Evidence Act and the Modern View, Robert Margolis

What Is Right about Free Acceptance, Tan Yock Lin

Singapore Law Review Lecture 1990 - Ex Parte Applications: Full & Frank Disclosure, The Honourable Judicial Commissioner Mr Chao Hick Tin

An Interview with Mr Joseph Grimberg

Where Even...When There's a Will, There's a Way…Out, Douglas Choo

Floating Proper Law: Adaptation of Established Principles to New Issues, Lim Mei

Force Majeure & Transnational Contracts - A Brief Overview, Kannan Ramesh

Freedom Of The Press: Regulation Under The Newspaper & Printing Presses Act, 1974, Anjali Mohan Ramchand

The Share Market: "The Control of Self-Regulation", Rohana Bte Saharom


Article Title

Constitutional Theory, The Elected Presidency, Chan Shu Fang Elaine

An Interview with Tun Mohamed Suffian

The 5th Singapore Law Review Lecture 1988: Lawyers and Literature, Solicitor-General Koh Eng Tian

Dealing with Compulsive Gamblers. Tan Yock Lin

Judicial Review of Preventive Detention under the Internal Security Act - A Summary of Developments, Yee Chee Wai & Ho Tze Wei Monica & Seng Kiat Boon Daniel 

Report on the Origins of the Legal Service Commission, Singapore, Kim Seah Teck Kim

The Appellate System in Singapore, Phang Hsiao Chung & Wong Choon Ning

The Singapore Academy of Law, Lim Mei, Lie Keng Hua Kathiona & Loo Yen Lay Madeleine

Senior Counsels: The Road to Silk in Singapore, Ng Wai King

Letters of Credit: A Conflict of Laws Perspective, Teoh Oon Teong Philip


Article Title

In Memorium: The Late Professor David B. Parker

Law-and-Economics: What Price Justice?, Randolph Khoo & Ng Wai King & Yee Chee Wai & Lock Yin Mei

Tribute to the Late Mr. Justice Thilliampalam Kulasekaram, Lim Mei & Cheong Wai Yin & Ramola Kandiah

In Conversation, The Right Honourable Sir Zelman Cowen

The Singapore Law Review Lecture 1987, Judicial Review, Attorney-General Tan Book Teik

I Judicial Management For Financially Troubled Companies
II Financial Assistance By Company for Acquisition Of Its Own Shares

Catherine Tay Swee Kian

Evidence of Similar Facts, The Evidence Act, And The Judge of Law As Trier-of-Fact, Robert A Margolis

Of Bits and Bytes And Copyright, Victor Leong Wai Meng

Legal Problems Arising from International Broadcasting and Communications: A Technological Dilemma, Lau Kok Keng & Kathiona Lie Keng Hua & Kau Yong Meng

Operation of the Mass Rapid Transit System: Legal and Institutional Mechanisms of Control, Foo Hui Min

Common Interest As Justification for Maintenance, Tan Yock Lin

The Feasibility of Codifying the Commercial Law, Tan Wee Liang


Article Title

Legal Crosssroads, Towards a Singaporean Jurisprudence, Lau Kok Keng & Raymond Clement & Lim Mei & Yeo Tiong Min

Tribute to the Honourable Tan Sri Dato Sen Eusoffe Abdoolcader S C J, Raymond Clement & Yeo Tiong Min

In Conversation With Mr. Glenn J. Knight

The Singapore Law Review Lecture: Breaking Apron Strings, Prof RH Hickling

A History of Misnomers in the Tort of Battery: A Casenote on Wilson v. Pringle, Ong Ying Ping

Pardoning Power and the Saga of Sim Kie Chon, Assoc Prof LR Penna

Non-Custodial Sentences in Singapore; The Viability of Suspended Sentences and Community Service Orders, Neil A Morgan

Ghost of Colonial Past, Karen Kraal

Recognition of Foreign Nullity Decrees in Singapore, CM V Clarkson

Service out of the Jurisdiction under Singapore Law, Steven Lim Wei Kong

Approaches to the Admissibility of Similar Fact Evidence, Liu Chun Fai, Roland Samosir

Tax Implications for a Resident Shipowner (Company) in Singapore, Jane Marie Ng Yin Gek

Technology Transfer: Packaged in Direct Foreign Investment by Multinational Enterprises, Valerie Ong Choo Lin

The Rule of Law in the Welfare-Corporate State, Tan Teng Muan


Article Title

Organ-Donation Law: A Necessary Transplant, Tan Loke Khoon

Euthanasia: Law at the Edge of Life, Diane Fletcher

Tribute to the Late Lord Diplock, The Right Honourable, The Lord Roskill

In Conversation With Mr. Francis Seow

The Singapore Law Review Lecture 1985: The Making the United Nations Law of the Sea Convention, 1982, A "Behind-the-Scenes" Look

Abdul Wahab Bin Sulaiman v. Commandment, Tanglin Detention Barracks, Wilson Wong Wie Sarn

Economic Development and the Changing Role of Lawyers - A Comparative Study of Singapore, Japan and the People's Republic of China, Kevin Tan Yew Lee

Court 26: Instant Justice?, Sylvia Lim Swee Lian & Ong Keng Sen

Ownership of the Matrimonial Home, Tan Cheng Han

Reforming Insolvency Law - Company Rescues, Andrew Hicks

The Politics of the Constitution: Another Look at the Ningkan Litigation, Prof Yash Ghai

The Judicial Process, David Hayton

Legal Education in China: A Look At NanDa, Alison E W Conner

The Duty of Care: A Policy Perspective, Keith Evans


Article Title

The Family, Social Policy and the Law in Singapore, Kevin Tan Yew Lee

The Family Court - Why Singapore Should Adopt It, Sylvia Lim, Ong Keng Sen & R Chandra Mohan

Setting up a Unified Family Court in Singapore - Some Aspects, Sylvia Lim & Ong Keng Sen & R Chandra Mohan

IVF and the Law in Singapore, Jeffrey Chan Wah Teck

The Inaugural Singapore Law Review Lecture Delivered by Mr. Justice Punch Coomaraswamy

Tribute to the Late Justice Alfred Victor Winslow

In Conversation: Prof G W Bartholomew

Commencement Address by Ambassador Tommy T. B. Koh at the University of Miami Law School on Sunday, 26 May 1985

Some Thoughts on Legal Ethics, David Marshall

A Time to Confront the Malaise: A Review of Post-Graduate Legal Training in Singapore, Sylvia Lim & Ong Keng Sen

Domicile and Habitual Residence, Anjali lyer

Law in the Wake of Science and Technology Abdication by Default?, Victor Tan

Copyright Law: The Protection of Foreign Works in Singapore, Shamim Dhilawala

Singapore and the Visby Rules, F.M.B. Reynolds

Statutory Illegality in Contracts, Tan Yock Lin

A Functional Review of Medical Negligence Law, Liu Chun Fai

Stay of Actions: Wherefore the Law, Vincent Yeoh Oon Meng


Article Title

A Tribute to Professor L.A. Sheridan, Lee Ang Shoy

Looking Back, Lional Astor Sheridan

Copyrightability of Books and Tapes in Singapore, Kevin Tan Yew Lee

Computer Software, Piracy, Sufficiency of Protection and the Relevance of Copyright, Jim Mohan

Personal Viewpoint - An Interview with Sultan Azlan Shah

The Tort of Negligence: More Preference than Principle, Michael F. Rutter

The Hypothetical case of Ahmad v Ng, Tan Cheng Han

Legislative Control of Emergency Powers in New Zealand and Britain: An Appraisal, Stanley Yeo Meng Hong

Affirmative Action in America, H. E. Groves

The Doctrine of Implied Repeal by Deseutude - A Legal Anachronism or Viable Principle, Winston Chew

Emergencies and the Sleeping Judicial Giant, Jeffrey Tan Eng Heong

The Anton Piller Order in Singapore, Jacqueline Woo

The 1983 Revision of the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits - A Functional Review, Martin Vincent Marini

International Factoring. Factoring: The Device, Yvonne Tan

Leasing: A Means of Trade Financing & some of its Legal Problems, Chi Ping Huey

The Constructive Trust: A Review, Anjali Iyer

Charity Law: A Time to Define, Ravindran Ramasamy

"Hercules in the Augean Stables" Law: - A Living Process, Shirley Dhillon

The Reception That Never Was, Valerie Ong Choo Lin & Ho Kin San

Public Administration in the Law Curriculum, Andrew Dunsire


Article Title

I. Computers and Legal Education, Andre Yeap & Ravindra Samuel

II. Computers and The Practice of Law, Latiff Ibrahim & Zaid Hamzah

III. Computers and their Legal Impact, Richard Tan Ming Kirk & Kevin Tan Yew Lee

The Trial of a Computer Crime, Jay Bloombecker

The United Nations: Perception and Reality, Tommy T.B.Koh

Personal Viewpoint: An interview with Tun Mohd. Suffian

A Tribute To Lord Denning

Lease Financing in Singapore: Towards Greater Sophistication and Dynamism in the Market, Zaid Hamzah

Transnational Corporations and Their Impact on Developing Countries: A Boon or Bane to the Third World?, Alban Kang

Export Financing and the role of the Export Credit Insurance Corporation of Singapore Ltd, Maina Khialani

The Proper Law: A Choice of Law Rule in Tort Cases?, Kayel S.

The Law governing the Validity of a Contract - A Reconsideration, Faizah Jamal

Resolving A Conflict of Laws in Shipping, Agency and Insurance Contracts, Ong Teck Ghee

Substance and Procedure in Private International Law, Ananda Radhakrishnan

Freedom of Expression in Singapore - Chasing the Ghost of Bentham, Martin Marini

Sociological Jurisprudence: Law as a means of controlling Juvenile Delinquency, Giam Cheng Han

Stare Decisis in Singapore and Malaysia: A sad tale of the use and abuse of statutes, Andrew Phang

Donoghue v. Stevensen revisited, Tan Yock Lin

The Mechanics of the Rule Against Perpetuities and the Class Closing Rule, Jacqueline Woo

Company Law in 1984: An Orwellian Nightmare?, Tan Lai Huat

Government Immunity for the Tort of Military Servants - a statutary anomaly?, Winston Chew

The General Defences under the Penal Code of Singapore, R Chandra Mohan & Kevin Tan Yew Lee


Article Title

Equal Protection and Problems of the Poor, R.L. Simmonds & M.L. Barker

Social Responsibility and Legal Aid, Jeffrey Chan & Elizabeth Choo

The Purpose of Setting up Legal Aid Clinics, Phillip Alston & Peter Cashman

Equal Protection of Laws and the Problems of the Poor, Chandra Kant R. Jais  

Criteria for Legal Aid, Tipchanok Rutanosoth & Suthas Thongrapal

The Student-Client Relationship, R. Sahabandu & R. Sri Shivaja

Practice of Law by Law Students, Plijasakdi Harayangkura & Somchoke Chareomlarb

Purpose of Setting up a Legal and Clinic - Social Service or Legal-Reform?, Paranto Wignjowidolo

Clinical Legal Education and Curriculum Reform: Humanizing the Law School of the Future, Barry Metzgler

Varieties of Clinical Experience, Robert Lin & Michael Wu

The Necessity of Law Counsel Assistance in a Criminal Process in Indonesia, Erman

Legal Aid in New Guinea, T.P. Deklin & P.D. Donigi

Fieldwork in Australian Legal Education, Geoffrey Clark

Clinical-Legal Education in the United States: Goals, Models, and a Proposal, John C. Cratsley


Article Title

Legal Nature of Joint Ventures in Singapore, Michael Tan Hun Hui

The Transfer of Managerial Skills and Technical Services through Enterprise-to-Enterprise Agreements with Emphasis on Singapore, Wong Meng Meng

The Legal Aspects of Licensing Agreements Involved in the Flow of Technology to Developing Countries. (Particularly Singapore), Ng Kim Song

"Singapore's Trade Agreements with State-Trading Nations", Tan Kok Quan

"The Legal Position and Functions of Intraco and Its Relation to Export Promotion", Jennifer Chia Jee Phun

"Legal Aspects of the Organisation and Financial Transactions of the Malaysial Industrial Development Finance Limited.", Tan Keng Feng

The Malaysian Application for Associate Status in the European Economic Community - Legal Implications and Problems to Malaysia, Ooi Teik Beng

"The Impact on International Law and Relations of the 'Legislative' Activity by the General Assembly.", Heliliah Bte. Yusof.

"…...still in force…..." A Study of Article 36, paragraph 5 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice, J. Loo Shin Mun

"Withdrawal of the United Nations Emergency Force", Lee Bian Tian


Article Title

Paper I, Dr. Thio Su Mien

Paper II, David S. Marshall

Paper III, Francis Khoo Kah Siang

Paper IV, Gerald de Cruz

Legal Codes and Procedures for Regional Co-operation and Integration, Timothy A. Manring

Legal Techniques to Increase Exports in Developing Nations, Leow Shin Fong

Internal Application of International Law in Malaysia and Singapore, Heliliah Bte. HJ. Yusof

International Institutions for the Protection of Human Rights, Lee Bon Leong

Consumer Protection, Visu Sinnadurai

Joinder of Capital and Non-Capital Charges in Singapore, Lee Hoong Phun

Note on Legislation - Investment Incentives Act 1968 (Malaysia), Liew Shou Kong

Digest of Unreported Cases of the Federal and High Courts of Singapore and Malaysia

Directory of Law Firms - Singapore and Malaysia