VOL 21


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An Interview with the Honourable Judicial Commissioner Woo Bih Li, Dean Cher Kai Siong & Natalie Goh Pei-Shan & Timothy Gan Hsien Lee

An Interview with the Dean of the Law Faculty (NUS) A/P Tan Cheng Han, Lim Chiew Hong & Daryl Lim

The Singapore Legal System - History Theory and Practice, Andrew Phang

Sentencing for Legal Professional Misconduct, Tan Yock Lin

The Duty of Disclosure - Proposals For Reform, Woo Pei Yee

An Economic Analysis of Singapore's Industrial and Labour Relations Laws, Ron Davidson

The Twin Pillars of Certainty, Paul Todd

The Salomon Orthodoxy: Unravelling the Metaphorical Myth, Daniel Teo Cheng Seong

The 13th Singapore Law Review Lecture 1999: A Tale of Two Entities - Parliament And the Judiciary, Prof Lee Hoong Phun

The 14th Singapore Law Review Lecture 2000: Termination of Non-Viable Life, Judicial Commissioner Choo Han Teck