VOL 20


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A Tribute to the Late Mr Justice Punch Coomaraswamy (1925-1999), Chan Sek Keong

An Interview with the Honourable Justice Warren Khoo, Chia Pei Lin, Grace & Leong Kim Yan, Daphne & Lim Choon Hsia, Vanessa

An Interview with Professor Hans-Uwe Erichsen, Chia Pei Lin, Grace & Leong Kim Yan, Daphne & Lim Choon Hsia, Vanessa

Open Standing and the Role of Courts in a Democratic Society, Peter Cane

Corporate Governance: Finding an Appropriate Model for Singapore, Koh Theng Jer, Christopher

Towards a Maintenance of Equality (Part II): The Effects of Unconstitutionality, Low Fatt Kin, Kelvin & Loi Chit Fai, Kelry & Wee Ai Yin, Serene

An Introduction to Liens in Commercial Transactions Adrian Wong

Reformulating Diminished Responsibility: Learning from the New South Wales Experience, Stanley Yeo

A Duty to Communicate: The Public Interest Defence to Offences under Section 5 of the Official Secrets Act, Adrian Kwong

Fifty Years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A Singapore Perspective, Tan Yew Lee, Kevin

Uberrimae Fides in Marine Insurance Contracts - Demarcating the Boundaries of an Insured's Continuing Duty of Utmost Good Faith, Tan Chuan Bing, Kendall

A Critical Analysis of Harold Berman's Integrative Jurisprudence, Soh Chun Bin