VOL 19


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An Interview with The Honourable Judicial Commissioner Chan Seng Onn, Chia Pei Lin, Grace & Leong Kim Yan, Daphne & Lim Choon Hsia, Vanessa

Equal Protection, Extra-Territoriality and Self-Incrimination, Tan Yock Lin

Towards a Maintenance of Equality (Part I): A Study of the Constitutionality of Maintenance Provisions That Sexually Discriminate, Low Fatt Kin, Kelvin & Loi Chit Fai, Kelry & Wee Ai Yin, Serene

Damages for Non-Pecuniary Losses in Contract Law: A New Horizon, Adrian Wong

Life After Abdul Nasir, Terence Tay Wei Heng

A 'Dominant Intention' Test for Abetment by Aiding? A Look at Daw Aye Aye Mu @ Daw Aye Than v Public Prosecutor, Wong Yi Jin

Looking at the Substance rather than the Form of Provocation: PP v Kwan Cin Cheng, Woo Pei Yee

Restoring Foreign Investor Confidence in ASEAN: Legal Framework for Dispute Settlement Processes, Lim Yew Nghee

An Introduction to Similar Fact Evidence, Ho Hock Lai

Internet Defamation: Liability of Intermediaries and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Lai Leng Fong & Lee Sue Lynn & April Phang Suet Fern & Twang Kern Zern

Originality as a Prerequisite to Copyright Protection for Authors' Works: Clearing the Muddied Waters, Low Fatt Kin, Kelvin & Loi Chit Fai, Kelry

The Advocate's Immunity in Singapore: The End of a Fairytale, Low Fatt Kin, Kelvin

Getting Called: Recent Developments, Jack Lee Tsen-Ta

An Overhaul of Nuisance, Kenneth Cheong & Kenneth Yap

Fiduciary Duty: A More Cautious Approach, Tey Tsun Hang

The 12th Singapore Law Review Lecture 1998 - The Enforcement of a Performance Bond: The Perspective of the Underlying Contract, The Honourable Judge of Appeal Justice LP Thean