VOL 17


Article Title

An Interview with Sir Anthony Mason

A Tribute to the Late Mr. David Saul Marshall

Medical investigation of suspects by the police, Jack Lee Tsen-Ta

"Right of silence" and drawing of adverse inference on the accused's refusal to testify at trial, Wan Wai Yee

Treatment of the mentally unsound person by our criminal process - Is there any cure for the current mad state of affairs?, Leow Theng Huat

Brothels, pimps and prostitutes: The administration of criminal justice vis-a-vis prostitution, Wong Yang Joel

Entrapment and the Singapore Criminal Law, Gary Leonard Low

Setting aside a regular default judgment: What is a good defence on the merits - real prospect of success or arguable, triable issue, Chia Jin Chong Daniel

Principles and practices of voting: The Singapore electoral system, Lua Ee Laine & Sim Jek Sok, Disa & Koh Theng Jer, Christopher

Loss of chance in Contract: Straits Engineering Contracting Pte Ltd v Merteks Pte Ltd, Lynn Kuok Chern Shih

A Case for harmonisation of ASEAN contract laws, Lim Yew Nghee

Public Prosecutor v M/s Serve You Motor Services: Justitia's vain blind sword, Chia Jin Chong Daniel

The Tenth Annual Singapore Law Review Lecture 1996: The criminal process - The Singapore Model, The Honourable Attorney-General Mr Chan Sek Keong