VOL 15


Article Title

An Interview with Dr David Marshall

A Tribute to the Late Mr Justice F A Chua

An Appeal to Use the Rod Sparingly: A Dispassionate Analysis of the Use of Caning in Singapore, Mark Lim Fung Chian

Illegally Obtained Evidence and the Concept of Abuse of Process: A Possible Reconciliation?, Edwin Tong Chun Fai

Reforming Competence and Compellability, Tan Yock Lin

A Place for the Privileged Will, Jack Lee Tsen-Ta

Violence in the Family, Debbie Ong Siew Ling

AIDS and the Law, Elaine Lee & Lee Woon Shiu & Margaret Law Yuh Tyng

The Basic Features Doctrine and the Elected President Act, Ravneet Kaur

Protection of Human Rights of Indigenous Australians, K Puri

Recent Changes to the Westminster System of Government and Government Accountability, Wan Wai Yee

The Singapore Position on Nervous Shock: Pang Koi Fa v Lim Djoe Phing, Edmund J Kronenburg

The Eighth Singapore Law Review Lecture: Division of Property and Maintenance Post-Divorce - Current Legal Issues, The Honourable Judicial Commissioner Mrs Judith Prakash