VOL 14


Article Title

An Interview with the Honourable Attorney-General, Mr Chan Sek Keong

Ten Years of the Singapore Law Review: Reflections of a Past Chief Editor, Kevin Tan Yew Lee

Corrective Work Orders, Teo Liyin

Jurisdiction Over Companies - Time for a Rethink, Tay Peng Cheng

Direction in the Law of Corroboration, Tan Yock Lin

Issues in the Transfer of Risk in CIF Contracts, Aedit Abdullah

International Trends in Documentary Credit Transactions, Ch'ng Huck Yong

The Law of Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitration Awards in Singapore, Gwendolyn Gn Jong Yuh

Utility, Rights, and Relativity: A Preliminary Look at Lawyers in Hard Cases, Andrew Phang Boon Leong

Developments in Genetics: How Will the Law Cope?, Tan Ken Hwee

Civil Jurisdiction in the Military Courts: An Unnecessary Overlap? An Evaluation of Section 112 of the Singapore Armed Forces Act, Edmund Kronenburg & Eric Lie & Cosmas Wong

Forfeiture of Drug Trafficking Benefits: Need for a Viable International Legal Regime, L Rao Penna

What Can We Expect from the "Expected Ready to Arrive" Clause, Chan Leng Sun

Changes in the Supreme Court of Singapore, Daphne Chang & Teo Liyin