VOL 13


Article Title

In Conversation With The Honourable Judicial Commissioner Lai Sin Chin

Constitutional Implications of the 1991 Singapore General Elections, Kevin Tan Yew Lee

Judiciary Under Siege?, Tham Chee Ho

Clarity or Controversy - The Meaning of Judicial Independence in Singapore and Malaysia, Yeong Sien Seu

The Need for a Second Chamber, Andrew Mak Yen Chen

Privatisation: Changes and Constrains, Gary Chan

A Tribute to Dr. Bashir Ahmad Mallal, Lee Yean Yean & Mirza Khaleel Namazie

Delayed Applications for Stay of Proceedings in Shipping Cases, Robert Margolis

Nature and Effect of Estate Duty as a Tax, Assoc Prof N. Khublall

Late Shipments, Forged Documents and Falling Markets: James Finlay v Kwik Hoo Tong Revisited, Eric Chan

Counting the Costs of Foreign-Sino Joint Ventures, Jerry Koh

Singapore Law Review Lecture 1992 - The Earth Summit's Negotiating Process: Some Reflections on the Art and Science of Negotiation, Prof Tommy Koh