VOL 12


Article Title

In Conversation With The Honourable Chief Justice Mr. Yong Pung How

International Electronic Fund Transfers, Naina Parwani

Strangers to a Breach of Trust: Eagle Trust PLC v SBC Securities, Hans Tjio

Japanese and Western Attitudes Towards Law, Chung Wei Han

Choice of Law Rules Governing Capacity to Marry: A Critique in the Singapore Context, Anjali Mohan Ramchand

Australian Judicial Rulings on Singapore's Homicide Provisions, Stanley Yeo

Stephen's Hearsay - Does It Matter?, Tan Yock Lin

The Marriage of Morals and Law: A Not Too Gay and Cheerful Story, Douglas Choo

Moral Populism v Paternalism: A Legislator's Dilemma, Sheela Moorthy

Natural Law and Natural Rights: Has Finnis Got His Basics Right?, Yee Chee Wai

Accountability and Review Processes in Modern Public Administration: The Role of Tribunals, Dr. T K K Iyer

Selected Issues in the Freedom of Speech and Expression in Singapore, Michael Hor Collin Seah

Justices' Law Clerks in the Supreme Court of Singapore, Bernard Tan

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in International Antitrust, Harpreet Singh