Article Title

A Tribute to Professor L.A. Sheridan, Lee Ang Shoy

Looking Back, Lional Astor Sheridan

Copyrightability of Books and Tapes in Singapore, Kevin Tan Yew Lee

Computer Software, Piracy, Sufficiency of Protection and the Relevance of Copyright, Jim Mohan

Personal Viewpoint - An Interview with Sultan Azlan Shah

The Tort of Negligence: More Preference than Principle, Michael F. Rutter

The Hypothetical case of Ahmad v Ng, Tan Cheng Han

Legislative Control of Emergency Powers in New Zealand and Britain: An Appraisal, Stanley Yeo Meng Hong

Affirmative Action in America, H. E. Groves

The Doctrine of Implied Repeal by Deseutude - A Legal Anachronism or Viable Principle, Winston Chew

Emergencies and the Sleeping Judicial Giant, Jeffrey Tan Eng Heong

The Anton Piller Order in Singapore, Jacqueline Woo

The 1983 Revision of the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits - A Functional Review, Martin Vincent Marini

International Factoring. Factoring: The Device, Yvonne Tan

Leasing: A Means of Trade Financing & some of its Legal Problems, Chi Ping Huey

The Constructive Trust: A Review, Anjali Iyer

Charity Law: A Time to Define, Ravindran Ramasamy

"Hercules in the Augean Stables" Law: - A Living Process, Shirley Dhillon

The Reception That Never Was, Valerie Ong Choo Lin & Ho Kin San

Public Administration in the Law Curriculum, Andrew Dunsire