Article Title

26th Singapore Law Review Lecture: International Law and the Pre-History of Globalisation, Antony Anghie

The Use of Academic Scholarship in Singapore Supreme Court Judgement: 2005-2014, Lee Zhe Xu & Victor Yao & Chong Shi Cheng & Michael Chan & Ng Yihang & Ng Jun Chong

The Regulation of the Recreational Use of "Drones" for Aerial Photography and Videography: Comparing Singapore's Unmanned Aircraft Act with Other Legislation, Chen Siyuan

China's Administrative Mode for Foreign Investment: From Positive List to Negative List, Songling Yang

Sections 299 and 300 of the Penal Code: A Revisit and Further Suggested Amendments, Jonathan Muk Chen Yeen & Chin Wan Yew Rachel

Modern Identity Protection: A Multifaceted Response to a Surreptitious Threat, Siaw Hui

Book Review: Asian Courts in Context, Victor Yao Lida