Article Title

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Social Responsibility and Legal Aid, Jeffrey Chan & Elizabeth Choo

The Purpose of Setting up Legal Aid Clinics, Phillip Alston & Peter Cashman

Equal Protection of Laws and the Problems of the Poor, Chandra Kant R. Jais  

Criteria for Legal Aid, Tipchanok Rutanosoth & Suthas Thongrapal

The Student-Client Relationship, R. Sahabandu & R. Sri Shivaja

Practice of Law by Law Students, Plijasakdi Harayangkura & Somchoke Chareomlarb

Purpose of Setting up a Legal and Clinic - Social Service or Legal-Reform?, Paranto Wignjowidolo

Clinical Legal Education and Curriculum Reform: Humanizing the Law School of the Future, Barry Metzgler

Varieties of Clinical Experience, Robert Lin & Michael Wu

The Necessity of Law Counsel Assistance in a Criminal Process in Indonesia, Erman

Legal Aid in New Guinea, T.P. Deklin & P.D. Donigi

Fieldwork in Australian Legal Education, Geoffrey Clark

Clinical-Legal Education in the United States: Goals, Models, and a Proposal, John C. Cratsley