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The 22nd Singapore Law Review Lecture 2008 - Crime and Punishment: The Problems of Sentencing, Walter Woon, Attorney-General of Singapore

Racial and Religious Hate Speech in Singapore: Management, Democracy, and the Victim's Perspective, Zhong Zewei

The Indigenous, The Imperial And The International: A Contextual Comparison Of Laws Concerning The Ainu Of Japan And Australian Aborigines, Emmi Okada

Religious Exemptions And The New Zealand Bill Of Rights, James Little

Listening To The Battered Woman's Silent Screams, Sim Shi Qiang, Nick & Amardeep Singh s/o Gurcharan Singh

Family Planning Policies And Resultant Discrimination Against The Girl Child - A Study Of India And China, Anjana Agarwal

Discrimination Against Workers Under The Special Economic Zones Act, 2005 - A Hindrance To India's Development, Shatadru Chakraborty