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An Interview with Her Excellency Judge Rosalyn Higgins, Amrin Amin & Cheah Wuiling

An Interview with Retired Justice G.P. Selvam, Jeremy Leong Zhi Jia

Legislating the Fruits of Biotechnology: Suggestions for Regulating Bio-engineered Food and Pharmaceutical Products, Benjamin Gaw Ying Charn

Deconstructing Share Par Value and Capital Maintenance: Reconstructing Creditor Protection
Chin Li Yoon, 
Wong Yong Kai

Corporate Director's Common Law Duty to Creditors? - A Revelation of the Present State of the Law, Cheng Wai Yuen, Mark

Rethinking a Principle Underlying Contract Law, Woo Pei Yee

Does Yes Mean Yes? The Criminal Law and Mistaken Consent to Sexual Activity, Jonathan Herring

Legal and Psychological Perspectives on Eyewitness Testimony, Lee Ti-Seng, Desmond

The 15th Singapore Law Review Lecture 2002: Trial and Appellate Courts - A Malaysian Perspective, The Right Honourable Tan Sri Dato' Seri Mohamed Dzaiddin Haji Abdullah, Chief Justice of Malaysia