Article Title

The 28th Singapore Law Review Annual Lecure (8 November 2016): Recalibration of the Death Penalty Regime: Origins, Ramification and Impact, The Honourable Justice Steven Chong, Supreme Court of Singapore

Access to Legal Information and Counsel: Prevention is as important as Cure, Tay Hui Yuan, Denise

Geoblocking VPN, and Copyright, Woo Jian Ming, Shaun

From Redundancy to Resurgency: Revisiting the Local Remedies Rule in International Investment Arbitration, Douglas Wong

Class Participation in NUS Law: From the Students' Perspective, Jonathan Lim, Hang Ying Yao, Lim Ke Jia, Zhu Yujia

Evaluating the Statutory Test for Sub Judice Contempt in Singapore or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Act, Sui Yi Siang

The 29th Singapore Law Review Annual Lecture (19 October 2017): Prosecution in the Public Interest, Lucien Wong SC, Attorney-General of the Republic of Singapore

Past Volumes


Article Title

An Overview of the Singapore War Crimes Trials (1946-1948): Prosecuting Lower-Level Accused, Cheah W L

Interpreting the Interpretation Act: Section 9A and Using Parliamentary Material, Victor Leong

Singapore's Transboundary Haze Pollution Act and the Shield of Sovereignty in Southeast Asia, Ryan Nicholas Heng

The Territoriality Requirement in Investment Treaties: A Constraint on Jurisdictional Expansionism, Christopher R Zheng

Redistributive Taxation in the Modern World, Vincent Ooi

Building on Shifting Sand: The Contested Terrain of Urban Heritage Legislation in India, Hong Kong and Singapore, Andrea Ong

Making Way for the Multiple Derivative Action in Singapore, Srruthi Ilankathir

More Than Just a Job: Comparative Legal Study of the Substantive Laws and Legal Cultures Relating to the Police Use of Force in Singapore and the United Kingdom, Jesslyn Zeng Yong Hui

Market-Camp in Foreign Manpower, Benjamin Goh

The Potential Pitfalls of Singapore’s Training Employment Pass Regime – A Lesson from Japan, Hoang Linh Trang


Article Title

26th Singapore Law Review Lecture: International Law and the Pre-History of Globalisation, Antony Anghie

The Use of Academic Scholarship in Singapore Supreme Court Judgement: 2005-2014, Lee Zhe Xu & Victor Yao & Chong Shi Cheng & Michael Chan & Ng Yihang & Ng Jun Chong

The Regulation of the Recreational Use of "Drones" for Aerial Photography and Videography: Comparing Singapore's Unmanned Aircraft Act with Other Legislation, Chen Siyuan

China's Administrative Mode for Foreign Investment: From Positive List to Negative List, Songling Yang

Sections 299 and 300 of the Penal Code: A Revisit and Further Suggested Amendments, Jonathan Muk Chen Yeen & Chin Wan Yew Rachel

Modern Identity Protection: A Multifaceted Response to a Surreptitious Threat, Siaw Hui

Book Review: Asian Courts in Context, Victor Yao Lida


Article Title

25th Singapore Law Review Lecture - The Interpretation of Documents: Saying What They Mean or Meaning What They Say, The Honourable The Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon

In Conversation: Mr Harry Elias S.C

In Conversation: Mr. T.P.B. Menon

The Limits and Demands of Constitutional Interpretation: A Comparative Study, Mark Ortega

A Private Theory of Adjudication Embracing Value Pluralism, Deliberative Democracy and Constitutionalism, Ronald JJ Wong

Sub Judice Contempt of Court in Singapore and the Way Forward, Sui Yi Siong

Why Portionality Should Have Only a Limited Role in Judicial Review, Manohara Jayasinghe

Champerty: Relic of a Bygone Era, Timothy Liang

Bank-Customer Relationship: Allocation of Loss in Cases of Third Party Fraud, Low Sze Hui Jasmine

Dilemma of the Proper Law of the Arbitration Agreement: An Approach Towards Unification of Applicable Laws, Neeraj Grover


Article Title

24th Singapore Law Review Lecture: The Singapore War Crimes Trials and their Relevance Today, David J Cohen

Approaching the Asian Age of Arbitration, Jeriel Lam Zhenjie

The Educational Deficiencies of the Singapore Lawyer, Alan K Koh

The Need for Cultural Sensitivity Amidst an International Harmonisation of Arbitral Rules, Vinna Yip Kai Mun

Determining When a State is "Unable or Unwilling" to Prosecute a Suspected War Criminal: In Principle and Practice, Elizabeth Garcia

The Nature of Judicial Review in Singapore, Chen Zhida

Improving Student Assessment in the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law - A Plea for More Communication of Assessment Expectations and Provisions of Feedback, Benny Tan Zhi Peng

Privacy Law: A Case for the Protection of Informational Privacy in Singapore, Samuel Wee Choong Sian

Seeing a Brand in a Flash of Colour and a Trademark in a Red Outsole: Registering Single-Colour Marks in the Fashion Industry, Foo Yeo-Yang, Gavin

Trustee Exemption Clauses & The Modern-Day Investment Trust, Chia Huai Yuan

Corporate Social Responsibility as Corporate Soft Law: Mainstreaming Ethical and Responsible Conduct in Corporate Governance, Eugene K B Tan

Reforming the Law: Protecting the Elderly in Singapore, Loy Zhi Hao & Priscilla Soh Yu Xian

Islamic Finance in Singapore: Legal and Regulatory Challenges, Mohd Yazid Bin Zul Kepli

The Elderly, Proprietary Estoppel and the Spectre of Undue Influence, Ang Wen Pin Lance

The Nature Test and Source Test in Judicial Review: Yeap Wai Kong v Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Ltd, Chen Zhida

Gross Negligence Once More? Trustee Exemption Clauses in the Privy Council, Spread Trustee v Sarah Ann Hutcheson, Chia Huai Yuan


Article Title

In Conversation With Professor Simon Chesterman

In Conversation With Professor Tan Cheng Han S.C.

In Conversation With Professor Koh Kheng Lian

In Conversation With Professor Tommy Koh Thong Bee

"...Than That One Innocent Suffer": The Innocence Project in Singapore, Nisha Francine Rajoo

Advanced Fundamentals of Oral Appellate Advocacy in a Moot Court, Chen Siyuan

The Translator as a Traitor: A Comparative and Jurilinguistic Glance at the Polysemous Notion of "Right" in Private Law, Andrei Molchynsky

The Relationship between Interpretation, Implication and Rectification in Singapore, Goh Yihan

The Case Against Extending the EU Emissions Trading Scheme to International Aviation, Stephanie Koh

Expecting the Right Thing: The Imperative for Recognising Substantive Legitimate Expectations in Singapore, Siraj Shaik Aziz; Sui Yi Siong

The Paradox of Legal Aid in Singapore: Civil Legal Aid without Criminal Legal Aid, Christine Sim; Tan Zhi Feng

Possession and Knowledge in the Misuse of Drugs Act, Chen Siyuan; Nathaniel Yong-Ern Khng


Article Title

Singapore's Casinos - Not a Game of Chance, Tan Teck Wang & Anne Goh

Raising the Bar for the Mens Rea Requirement in Common Intention Cases, Chua Hui Han, Eunice

The Use of DNA Forensic Evidence in Criminal Justice, Monjur Kader & Stella Tan Wei Ling & Sabrina Kuan Ling Li

The Unresolved Legality of Online Gambling in Singapore, Chen Siyuan

Failed States and the Suspension of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Emily Choo

Evangelism and Racial-Religious Harmony: A Call to Reconsider Tolerance, Ronald Wong

Taking Rights Seriously: 30 Years of Constitutional Adjudication, Chia Huai Yuan

Turning Example into Exemplary: Ten Years on, the Curious Case of Attorney-General v Blake, Nicholas Poon

Islamic Banking and Finance - Regulatory Regimes in Malaysia and Singapore, Raj Joshua Thomas


Article Title

The Intoxication Defence: In a Frenzy of Bakcheia, Seow Tzi Yang

Recent Developments in the Hearsay Rule, Nathaniel Yong-Ern Khng & Chen Siyuan

Over the Horizon: Where Agency, Equity and Collective Sales Meet, Rachel Leow Pei Si

Securing the Safety of Experienced and Inexperienced Workers: A Salutary Reminder for Singaporean Employers and Contractors, Rohan Price

Criminal Justice for All? Wrongful Convictions and Poverty in Singapore, Wong Siew Ming, Audrey

Wrongful Convictions in Singapore: A General Survey of Risk Factors, Chen Siyuan & Eunice Chua

The Crippled Accused: Miranda Rights in Singapore, Gan Wee Kiat Gregory

Interview with the Right Honourable Chief Justice of Canada, Beverley McLachlin, P.C., Tan An Qi Angie

To Care or to Scare: Shielding Child Witnesses and the Defendant's Right to Confrontation, Raphael Kok Chi Ren


Article Title

The 22nd Singapore Law Review Lecture 2008 - Crime and Punishment: The Problems of Sentencing, Walter Woon, Attorney-General of Singapore

Racial and Religious Hate Speech in Singapore: Management, Democracy, and the Victim's Perspective, Zhong Zewei

The Indigenous, The Imperial And The International: A Contextual Comparison Of Laws Concerning The Ainu Of Japan And Australian Aborigines, Emmi Okada

Religious Exemptions And The New Zealand Bill Of Rights, James Little

Listening To The Battered Woman's Silent Screams, Sim Shi Qiang, Nick & Amardeep Singh s/o Gurcharan Singh

Family Planning Policies And Resultant Discrimination Against The Girl Child - A Study Of India And China, Anjana Agarwal

Discrimination Against Workers Under The Special Economic Zones Act, 2005 - A Hindrance To India's Development, Shatadru Chakraborty


Article Title

The Struggle for Women's Rights in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province: A Look at History and Emerging Legislation, Philip Duguay

Southeast Asia and the IMF: One Decade Following the Economic Crisis, an Analogous Regional Institution is Needed to Withstand Contagion from Wall Street, Jordan C. Kahn

International Dispute Resolution: Conflict in a Chinese Cultural Context, Au Yeong Wai Mun

The Rule of Law in Transition in Estonia and Ukraine, Martia Matsepa

The Struggle for Access to Alternate Book Formats by Print-Disabled Students, Naghmeh Attaran

The Sense and Nonsense of Criminalising Transfers of Obscene Material, Dennis J. Baker

Preserving the Legal Order in Times of Emergency: Should State Responses to Emergencies Ever Be Extra-constitutional?, Teo Jin Huang

Law Relating to Auditors' Liability to Clients in Singapore: Clarified and Restated, A L R Joseph

From Constructive Engagement to Collective Revulsion, The Myanmar Precedent of 2007, C.L. Lim

An Interview with the Right Honourable Baron Leonard Hubert Hoffmann of Chedworth, Li Fangyi & Choo Zheng Xi


Article Title

Professor Reginald Hugh Hickling, Jeth Lee

The Singapore Law Review Writing Competition 2007: "Legal Developments in a Changing World"
Reactions to Indefinite Preventive Detention: An Analysis of How the Singapore, United Kingdom and American Judiciary Give Voice to the Law in the Face of (Counter) Terrorism,
 Eunice Chua

The Singapore Law Review Writing Competition 2007: "Legal Developments in a Changing World"
Preventive Detention as a Counter-Terrorism Strategy: They Have Stopped Using It and So Should We, 
Yang Ziliang

The Singapore Law Review Writing Competition 2007: "Legal Developments in a Changing World"
Preserving the Legal Order in Times of Emergency: Should State Responses to Emergencies Ever Be Extra-Constitutional?, 
Teo Jin Huang

The Singapore Law Review Writing Competition 2007: "Legal Developments in a Changing World"
Knowing, Dishonest or Plain Unjust? - A Commentary of the Past, Present and Future of Knowing Receipt, 
Emmanuel Duncan Chua

The Singapore Law Review Writing Competition 2007: "Legal Developments in a Changing World"
A New Look at Human Rights Through the Eyes of Islam, 
Leonardo Bernard

The Singapore Law Review Writing Competition 2007: "Legal Developments in a Changing World"
A Test of Fire: Relooking Mistake in Contract, 
Ang Houfu

Causation in Criminal and Civil Negligence, Stanley Yeo

Legal Positivism and Economics: A Positive Correlation?, Jeth Lee

Conclusive Evidence Clauses in the Court of Appeal: Pertamina Energy Trading Ltd v. Credit SuisseCase, Mohamed Baiross

An Interview with the Honourable Anthony Murray Gleeson, Chief Justice of Australia, Ang Houfu & Tan An Qi & Jeth Lee

The 19th Singapore Law Review Lecture 2006: "Recent Developments in Malaysia's Constitutional Law", The Right Honourable Tun Dato' Sri Ahmad Fairuz Bin Dato' Sheikh Abdul Halim, Chief Justice of Malaysia

The 20th Singapore Law Review Lecture 2007: "Music, Video and Movie File Sharing: Trends and Implications"


Article Title

Singapore and Malaysia: Recent Bilateral Developments, Jeremy Leong

Singapore Legal History of Water: The Municipal and the Singapore Story Past, Present and Future, Joel Teo

The Repercussions of the Similarities between Sipadan/Ligitan and Pedra Branca Disputes, Mohamed Faizal & Quek Evangeline

The Common Protocol on the Referral of Suspected SARS: An Effective Response to SARS, but Have We Considered the SARS Victim?, Benjamin Tay

The 17th Singapore Law Review Lecture: The Singapore-Malaysia Relationship and the Future Roles of International Law, Simon S. C. Tay

What Is Right and What is a Right?: The Claim to Same-Sex Marriage, the Politicization of Rights and the Morality of Law, Dominic Chan

Still Searching for a Redeemer: Enforcing the Human Right of Freedom from Slavery in Africa, Eunice Chong

The Growing Role of Developing Countries in the Creation of International Law: Lessons from Bribery and Corruption in the WTO, Jon-Nathaniel Nair

Who Holds the Real Veto: Use of Force and the Trusteeship Analogy, Paul Tan

Automatic Discharge: The Panacea to Our Bankruptcy Woes?, Aaron Kok

Discourses on Women's Rights and Islam in Malaysia: Interviews with Datuk Azalina Othman, Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and Ms. Nik Noriani Nik Badli Shah, Ling Chien, Neo


Article Title

An Interview with the Rt Hon The Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, Master of the Rolls, Daryl Lim Tze Wei

An Interview with Dr. Peter Leuprecht: A Life Dedicated to Human Rights, Gail Wong Li-Jing

The 16th Singapore Law Review Lecture 2003: Does the United Nations Security Council Enhance or Undermine International Law?, His Excellency Ambassador Kishore Mahbubani

Situating Children of Genocidal Rape: Towards Membership in an Ethnic Community, Loh Li Qin

Rethinking Erdemovic: Beyond The Clash of Laws, Daryl Lim Tze Wei

Legal and Policy Implications of Convergence at the International Level, Pierre Larouche

A Penal Code Reviser's Checklist, Stanley Yeo

Encouraging Foreign Participation and Investment In Chinese Securities Markets, Lee Ming Hau

Evaluating The Efficiency of Employee Stock Option Plans: An Analysis Under Law And Economics, Ng Wei Wei Henry

Copyright Issues Arising From the Digital Music Revolution: A Return to First Principles, Lee Ming Hau

The Role of Public Policy: Re-looking Restitution and Wrongful Profiteering, Yap Po Jen

To Better the Insolvency Regime: A Question of Assimilating the Model Law, Wong Li Fern, Chelsia


Article Title

An Interview with Her Excellency Judge Rosalyn Higgins, Amrin Amin & Cheah Wuiling

An Interview with Retired Justice G.P. Selvam, Jeremy Leong Zhi Jia

Legislating the Fruits of Biotechnology: Suggestions for Regulating Bio-engineered Food and Pharmaceutical Products, Benjamin Gaw Ying Charn

Deconstructing Share Par Value and Capital Maintenance: Reconstructing Creditor Protection
Chin Li Yoon, 
Wong Yong Kai

Corporate Director's Common Law Duty to Creditors? - A Revelation of the Present State of the Law, Cheng Wai Yuen, Mark

Rethinking a Principle Underlying Contract Law, Woo Pei Yee

Does Yes Mean Yes? The Criminal Law and Mistaken Consent to Sexual Activity, Jonathan Herring

Legal and Psychological Perspectives on Eyewitness Testimony, Lee Ti-Seng, Desmond

The 15th Singapore Law Review Lecture 2002: Trial and Appellate Courts - A Malaysian Perspective, The Right Honourable Tan Sri Dato' Seri Mohamed Dzaiddin Haji Abdullah, Chief Justice of Malaysia


Article Title

An Interview with the Honourable Judicial Commissioner Woo Bih Li, Dean Cher Kai Siong & Natalie Goh Pei-Shan & Timothy Gan Hsien Lee

An Interview with the Dean of the Law Faculty (NUS) A/P Tan Cheng Han, Lim Chiew Hong & Daryl Lim

The Singapore Legal System - History Theory and Practice, Andrew Phang

Sentencing for Legal Professional Misconduct, Tan Yock Lin

The Duty of Disclosure - Proposals For Reform, Woo Pei Yee

An Economic Analysis of Singapore's Industrial and Labour Relations Laws, Ron Davidson

The Twin Pillars of Certainty, Paul Todd

The Salomon Orthodoxy: Unravelling the Metaphorical Myth, Daniel Teo Cheng Seong

The 13th Singapore Law Review Lecture 1999: A Tale of Two Entities - Parliament And the Judiciary, Prof Lee Hoong Phun

The 14th Singapore Law Review Lecture 2000: Termination of Non-Viable Life, Judicial Commissioner Choo Han Teck


Article Title

A Tribute to the Late Mr Justice Punch Coomaraswamy (1925-1999), Chan Sek Keong

An Interview with the Honourable Justice Warren Khoo, Chia Pei Lin, Grace & Leong Kim Yan, Daphne & Lim Choon Hsia, Vanessa

An Interview with Professor Hans-Uwe Erichsen, Chia Pei Lin, Grace & Leong Kim Yan, Daphne & Lim Choon Hsia, Vanessa

Open Standing and the Role of Courts in a Democratic Society, Peter Cane

Corporate Governance: Finding an Appropriate Model for Singapore, Koh Theng Jer, Christopher

Towards a Maintenance of Equality (Part II): The Effects of Unconstitutionality, Low Fatt Kin, Kelvin & Loi Chit Fai, Kelry & Wee Ai Yin, Serene

An Introduction to Liens in Commercial Transactions Adrian Wong

Reformulating Diminished Responsibility: Learning from the New South Wales Experience, Stanley Yeo

A Duty to Communicate: The Public Interest Defence to Offences under Section 5 of the Official Secrets Act, Adrian Kwong

Fifty Years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A Singapore Perspective, Tan Yew Lee, Kevin

Uberrimae Fides in Marine Insurance Contracts - Demarcating the Boundaries of an Insured's Continuing Duty of Utmost Good Faith, Tan Chuan Bing, Kendall

A Critical Analysis of Harold Berman's Integrative Jurisprudence, Soh Chun Bin


Article Title

An Interview with The Honourable Judicial Commissioner Chan Seng Onn, Chia Pei Lin, Grace & Leong Kim Yan, Daphne & Lim Choon Hsia, Vanessa

Equal Protection, Extra-Territoriality and Self-Incrimination, Tan Yock Lin

Towards a Maintenance of Equality (Part I): A Study of the Constitutionality of Maintenance Provisions That Sexually Discriminate, Low Fatt Kin, Kelvin & Loi Chit Fai, Kelry & Wee Ai Yin, Serene

Damages for Non-Pecuniary Losses in Contract Law: A New Horizon, Adrian Wong

Life After Abdul Nasir, Terence Tay Wei Heng

A 'Dominant Intention' Test for Abetment by Aiding? A Look at Daw Aye Aye Mu @ Daw Aye Than v Public Prosecutor, Wong Yi Jin

Looking at the Substance rather than the Form of Provocation: PP v Kwan Cin Cheng, Woo Pei Yee

Restoring Foreign Investor Confidence in ASEAN: Legal Framework for Dispute Settlement Processes, Lim Yew Nghee

An Introduction to Similar Fact Evidence, Ho Hock Lai

Internet Defamation: Liability of Intermediaries and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Lai Leng Fong & Lee Sue Lynn & April Phang Suet Fern & Twang Kern Zern

Originality as a Prerequisite to Copyright Protection for Authors' Works: Clearing the Muddied Waters, Low Fatt Kin, Kelvin & Loi Chit Fai, Kelry

The Advocate's Immunity in Singapore: The End of a Fairytale, Low Fatt Kin, Kelvin

Getting Called: Recent Developments, Jack Lee Tsen-Ta

An Overhaul of Nuisance, Kenneth Cheong & Kenneth Yap

Fiduciary Duty: A More Cautious Approach, Tey Tsun Hang

The 12th Singapore Law Review Lecture 1998 - The Enforcement of a Performance Bond: The Perspective of the Underlying Contract, The Honourable Judge of Appeal Justice LP Thean


Article Title

An Interview with Retired Justice Choor Singh, Koh Theng Jer, Christopher & Bu Puay Siang, Valerie

Exploring and Expanding Horzons: The Influence and Scholarship of Professor J L Montrose, Andrew Phang

Offer of Securities to the Public: The Regulatory Regime and Economic Theory, Chiong Ming Tat, George

Solicitors' Negligence and Breach of Warranty of Authority, Tan Cheng Han

Share Options and the Scotts Holdings Saga, Michael Ewing-Chow

The Capital City Vision: A Perspective from the Law on Financial Derivatives, Calvin (Wai Loon) Ho

Amendments to the Sale of Goods Act: A Critical Analysis, Chua Bor Jern & Low Fatt Kin, Kelvin

Christian Reflections on Universal Human Rights and Religious Values: Uneasy Bedfellows?, Dawn Tan

Mediation in the Family Court of Singapore, Shamaine Lim

The New Orthodoxy in the Foresight Saga: A Look at Page v Smith, Teo Cheng Seong, Daniel

Guidelines for Human Biomedical Research: The Singapore Context, Terence Tay Wei Heng

Reconsiderlng the Landlord and Tenant Relationship: Batshita International (Pte) Ltd v Lim Eng Hock Peter, Jan Tan Jit Seng

UNIDROIT Principles - A Model for the Harmonization of ASEAN Contract Law, Lim Yew Nghee

The Problem of Non-Merger in Foreign Judgments, Yeo Tiong Min

International Law and the Use of Force: The Force of United Nations Norms, Institutions and Processes in the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Dawn Tan

Getting Called: A Practical Guide, Jack Lee Tsen-Ta

Getting the Shoe to Fit: Fine-Tuning Copyright Protection for Computer Programs, Yeong Zee Kin

Parallel Imports: Tort of Passing off and the Trade Marks Act in Singapore, Lim Teck Chai

The 11th Singapore Law Review Lecture 1997 - Intellectual Property Rights: What are Appropriate Terms of Protection, Professor Gerald Dworkin


Article Title

An Interview with Sir Anthony Mason

A Tribute to the Late Mr. David Saul Marshall

Medical investigation of suspects by the police, Jack Lee Tsen-Ta

"Right of silence" and drawing of adverse inference on the accused's refusal to testify at trial, Wan Wai Yee

Treatment of the mentally unsound person by our criminal process - Is there any cure for the current mad state of affairs?, Leow Theng Huat

Brothels, pimps and prostitutes: The administration of criminal justice vis-a-vis prostitution, Wong Yang Joel

Entrapment and the Singapore Criminal Law, Gary Leonard Low

Setting aside a regular default judgment: What is a good defence on the merits - real prospect of success or arguable, triable issue, Chia Jin Chong Daniel

Principles and practices of voting: The Singapore electoral system, Lua Ee Laine & Sim Jek Sok, Disa & Koh Theng Jer, Christopher

Loss of chance in Contract: Straits Engineering Contracting Pte Ltd v Merteks Pte Ltd, Lynn Kuok Chern Shih

A Case for harmonisation of ASEAN contract laws, Lim Yew Nghee

Public Prosecutor v M/s Serve You Motor Services: Justitia's vain blind sword, Chia Jin Chong Daniel

The Tenth Annual Singapore Law Review Lecture 1996: The criminal process - The Singapore Model, The Honourable Attorney-General Mr Chan Sek Keong